Renovation Scheme

The grand opening of our new community centre premises took place on Saturday 20th October 2012 beginning a weekend of celebration.



Photos from the opening

The Grand Opening of "The Meeting Place"
The weekend's events were as follows...

  • Cutting the Ribbon - 10am Saturday 20th October
    followed by free refreshments and an opportunity for everyone to look round the new facilities.
  • Service of Dedication - 4pm Saturday 20th October
    led by Rev Richard Teal, chair of Cumbria Methodist District.
  • Sunday Worship - 11am Sunday 21st October
    the first worship service in the new building, led by the Egremont local preachers.
  • Waymark (Youth praise band) - 7.30pm Sunday 21st October
    a service of lively praise and worship
Background to the scheme

Egremont Methodist Church recently undertook a major renovation scheme. The Church has occupied its current premises since 1876, and has played an important role in community life since that time. This role has evolved over the years with the needs of the community, and the time had come when our buildings were no longer meeting their potential in supporting our aim of serving the people of Egremont and the surrounding area. After much consultation, it was decided that the best way to use our resources in continuing support of the community was to convert the premises into a multi-purpose community facility.

Progress Photos

Stripping out


25th May

1st June

11th June

22nd June

8th July

23rd July

3rd August

26th August

12th September

28th September

Aim of the Scheme

To create at Egremont Methodist Church an accessible, safe, dry, warm, comfortable and welcoming environment, available for a wide range of community users and activities.

The scheme has seen the existing church building converted into two new multi-purpose spaces; a large area at street level and a smaller room upstairs. The scheme included:-

  • New zonal heating system
  • Pews removed
  • Lowered ceiling
  • Levelled balcony
  • New stairs to balcony
  • Upstairs meeting/activity room
  • New kitchen
  • New prayer room
  • Accessible toilet in entrance
  • Further toilet facilities
  • Store rooms
  • Platform lift to Upper Room (shortly to be installed)
Scheme Benefits

Overall, the scheme is:-

  • Giving added comfort and better facilities to all current users
  • Offering a more attractive, better equipped option to new users
  • Providing a new lease of life to a well-used community facility
  • Enabling flexible arrangements for traditional and contemporary worship
  • Improving sustainable management and protecting the premises as a continued community asset for future generations
  • Providing the base for an increased range of community services
  • Assisting the Church to achieve its vision and mission
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the building

The whole scheme has cost in the region of £250,000. We secured £170,496 in grants from external funders, and the remainder we raised ourselves through fundraising events such as quiz nights, generous donations and individual fundraising efforts. The final £20,000 is still to come from the sale of our current church hall.

External Scheme Funders

We are very grateful to the following grant-making bodies for their financial support of our project.

  • WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental)
  • The Clothworkers' Foundation
  • The Joseph Rank Trust
  • The Connexional Fund for Property
  • Whitehaven Methodist Circuit
  • The Norwood and Newton Settlement
  • The Connexional Priority Fund
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust
  • Cumbria Methodist District
  • Allchurches Trust
  • The Crossfield Trust
  • The Coalfields Regeneration Trust
  • Banks Community Fund
  • The Hadfield Trust
  • The Bernard Sunley Foundation
  • Cumbria County Council and Copeland Borough Council

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